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5 Reasons to Use a Tenant Portal for Your Vancouver Property Management

Chris Barber - Tuesday, September 12, 2023
Property Management Blog

Renters in the United States are a significant portion of the population, with around 43.32 million rented housing units in 2021.Owning one or more investment properties can help bring in extra income but also come with many responsibilities. Before you can start making a profit, you need to advertise the unit, find and screen tenants, et...

Ways Landlords Are Wasting Their Weekends

Chris Barber - Friday, August 4, 2023
Property Management Blog

Being a landlord can be a daunting task if you are on your own. Throughout the country, individual investors own more than 71% of rental properties.For landlords, this means that they may get stuck managing the property by themselves.If you are a landlord, you may be wasting your weekend without even knowing it. Read on to find out some o...

An Overview of 1031 Exchanges and How to Capitalize On Them

Chris Barber - Friday, July 7, 2023
Property Management Blog

As someone who has invested in real estate, you've probably heard the term "1031 exchanges". These types of transactions have increased significantly in the last few years and are becoming very popular.Before you can expand your real estate portfolio, you must know more about 1031 exchanges and this guide is going to do just...

A Guide to Tax Preparation for Real Estate Investors in Vancouver, WA

Chris Barber - Friday, June 9, 2023
Property Management Blog

As a real estate investor in Vancouver, WA, understanding your tax obligations is essential to running a successful business.It can be challenging to navigate the process of tax preparation for real estate investors alone. In this article, we'll guide you through the tax preparation process.By the end of this guide, you'll have th...

Why Is Tenant Screening Essential for Landlords in Vancouver?

Chris Barber - Friday, May 5, 2023
Property Management Blog

As of April 2023, the average rent in Vancouver, Washington for a one-bedroom apartment is $1,500, which has increased by 8% since last year. Even though renters might not be happy about this development, property owners and landlords like you definitely are.But that still doesn’t mean that you will have a free flow of rent coming y...

6 Benefits of Hiring a Property Management Company

Chris Barber - Friday, April 7, 2023
Property Management Blog

Nearly 35% of households rent versus own as of 2022, and this number is on the rise. As a result, landlords can easily fill all their available units.Finding and choosing tenants is only one duty landlords have. But when you combine this with many others, landlords are overworked and experience high-stress levels.However, there is a solut...

5 Common Errors with Property Management to Avoid for Landlords

Chris Barber - Friday, March 10, 2023
Property Management Blog

There is probably a very good reason you started your real investing business - to grow your passive income and become financially independent. But to escape the rat race, you need to be strategic about managing rental properties and avoid certain common errors with property management.This way you can spend more time enjoying your free t...

Investment Property: How to Be a Hands-Free Landlord

Chris Barber - Friday, February 10, 2023
Property Management Blog

There are 19.95 million rental properties in the United States, according to Census data and 70% of those are owned by individual investors. Are you one of these individual investors or landlords?Even though owning an investment property can be a lucrative endeavor, it can also be a time-consuming one, if not set up right. Read our tips o...

4 Things Property Managers in Jacksonville Can Do to Create Financial Freedom

Chris Barber - Tuesday, January 10, 2023
Property Management Blog

More than 800,000 people are employed in the United States property management sector.Owning and managing property is a great way to become financially free and independent. However, it's not without its challenges. It may take some time to figure out the best way to increase your profits, but we are here to help.If you're fe...

Should I Allow Pets in a Rental Property?

Chris Barber - Friday, December 2, 2022
Property Management Blog

Are you aware that seven out of ten households in America have one or more pets?People who own properties don't need to worry about adopting animals, but renters can struggle to find suitable homes. This predicament puts rental property owners in a unique situation.Have you been wondering if you should allow pets in a rental property?...

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